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Robert Conquest dies - but his lies live on!

Statement by Grover Furr
August 2015

The purges of the CPSU in the 1930s

by Ella Rule
March 2005
A personal account of experiences in the German Panzers at the Battle of Stalingrad
by Henry Metelmann
February 2003
The Katyn Massacre
by Ella Rule
July 2002

The Ukrainian famine-genocide myth

by John Puntis
June 2002

Imperialism's interest in Afghanistan

by Ella Rule
October 2001

Bourgeois Democracy and Fascism

by Harpal Brar
May 2000

George Orwell

by Joti Brar
February 1998

Lies concerning the history
of the Soviet Union

by Mario Sousa
March 1999

The truth about Stalin

by Wilf Dixon
October 1994